Whilst it isn’t always recognised creativity is a key part of our emotional and physical wellbeing. Whether it’s dancing, singing, writing, painting or any number of other creative activities, make time every day to embrace your creativity. If you’re stuck for ideas, have a look at the resources we’ve gathered together to help get your creativity flowing.      

Lockdown Labyrinth Toolkit

Create your labyrinth using any items you can grab your hands on from your household.

El Warcha Studio Play Manual

The 100 Day Project

Follow the link and choose a project to work on everyday for 100 days, then share your creation on Instagram with #The100DayProject.

Melted Crayon Butterflies

Create something a little different with a bit of heat, adult supervision recommended.

El Warcha Studio Play Manual

Leaf Drawing

Collect some fallen leaves and design your own crazy patterns on them to add a splash of colour to nature.

El Warcha Studio Play Manual

Folded Paper Bracelets

Use this easy tutorial to create some fun bracelets needing only paper and colours.

El Warcha Studio Play Manual

Draw your own postcard

Reconnect with friends without a screen and create your own postcard to send out.

El Warcha Studio Play Manual

Easy Origami Creations

Spend some time creating intricate shapes with a sheet of paper and a pinch of patience.

Tissue Box Monsters

Try this easy craft for kids to make a fun decoration for Halloween or just every day.

El Warcha Studio Play Manual

Creative Idea Boredom Pack

Hartlepool Borough Council have designed this large pack of ideas for young people to stay creative during lockdown.

El Warcha Studio Play Manual

Creative Play Ideas for Children

Download this free resource with many ideas to stay creative with normal household items.

El Warcha Studio Play Manual

Quarantine Play Manual

El Warcha have designed a weekly released manual with DIY activities to stay creative in lockdown.

El Warcha Studio Play Manual

Creative Circus Movements

Watch this series of short videos to try some circus movements which can be practised at home.

Scratch Programming

Program in Scratch and craft your own games/stories to share with friends.

Yoga Pose Meditation

Create a quaranzine

Bud Studio have created a free to download magazine template for you to do complete.

Yoga Pose Meditation

Downloadable Colouring Resources

Illustrator Geo Law has released free to download resources which you can print off and spend some time colouring in.

Miniature Book

The Bestiary by Ben Rothery

Ben Rothery uploads a new species drawing template every weekday with a fun fact to go along with it.

Woman writing book

Create a miniature book

Use this guide from the British Library to make a miniature book for your miniature needs.

Miniature Book

Design your own novel

Looking to create your own story or novel but don’t know where to start? Try using the snowflake method to flesh out your own story.

Woman writing book

Video Charades with friends

Wanting to try something different with your friends whilst social distancing? try creating a game of charades for your Zoom call.

Young people playing Charades

Simple Tie Dye T-Shirts

Got some plain white t-shirts lying about? Try adding some funk by tie-dying your shirts to add some vibrance to your wardrobe.

Code your own Raspberry Pi Game

Follow the tutorial to code your own game using Scratch to make a game that is playable on Raspberry Pi. Raspberry Pi not needed to make the game.
paint pots

Rediscover your home as a creative space

Using this guide, you can use utilise the spaces in your home and easily adapt them for a better learning experience at home.

Art Image

Create your own content

Kapwing has a free content creation tool allowing users to make images, gifs and videos, with a premium version available giving access to.
paint pots

Free Reading/Writing Ideas

Liverpool Learning Partnership have curated a list of free content to support secondary school students with their learning at home.

Daily Drawing Prompts

Carson Ellis releases daily drawing prompts to his blog with tutorials to aide in creation.
paint pots

Daily Comic Book Drawings

Jarrett Lerner has a series of daily releases on his website to allow users to draw illustrated comic activities.

100 Day Project

Choose an art project and work on it everyday for 100 days and share your creation on Instagram with #The100Day Project.
paint pots

Explore Online Learning

Online resource hub with lots of resources, ideas, worksheets, videos and inspiration for things to do at home.


Draw your favourite Disney characters

Use the playlist to learn how to draw some of Disney’s most popular characters.

Drawing Classes with Illustrators

Famous illustrators are offering a variety of free drawing classes.

children drawing

Create your own Cartoon

Why not try your hands at making your own cartoon. Follow the weekly tutorials for tips on the art of cartoon creation.

Create a DIY Positivity Jar

Fill a jar with all the good things (big or small) that happen in your life each day.

Draw Everyday with JKK

Art and drawing lessons from New York Times-bestselling author/illustrator Jarrett J. Krosoczka!

Create a Dream Catcher

Why not learn about and spend some time creating a dream catcher.

Draw with the Art Club

Every weekday a new drawing assignment is set for you to complete and share with the world through the #quarantineartclub.

Our top picks

Lunchtime Doodles

Mo Willems guides you through some drawing techniques in his Lunch Doodles drawing series.

Learn the Piano

Learn to play a range of pop songs, without needing a piano!

Colouring Sheets

A collection of more unusual colouring sheets that you can print and colour-in.