Keeping ourselves busy and structuring our day helps to maintain our wellbeing and can improve our mood, especially if we’re doing something we love to do. It’s not easy to find activities to do, so we’ve taken some of the pressure off and put together a range of activities that should cure boredom.

Free Filmmaking Class

Filmmaker Sebastian Thiel is offering 6 free lessons on becoming your very own filmmaker.

Active Filmmaking

30 Classic Outdoor Games

Reexplore playing outside with this list of classic, timeless games which generations of kids have been playing.

Active Filmmaking

Superhero colouring in

Download and print off your favourite characters and spend some time colouring them in.

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Live interactive entertainment

Daily Facebook live broadcasts for children with special educational needs – singing, signing and educational fun.

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Dive into the world of script writing

BBC have various TV, Radio and Film scripts free to download and read if you’re looking for an alternative to a book.

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Effectively plan your schedule

Download and print off (if possible) this pdf so you can effectively schedule your entire week.

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Learn something new every day

Using the Curious way of learning and spend 5, 15 or 30 minutes a day to learn something brand new.

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Learn new basic life skills

Dad, how do I releases weekly videos ranging from practical content to basic tasks everyone should know how to do.

Learn a new coding language

Codeacademy have over 20 free programming courses so why not dive in and learn a new skill and delve into the world of coding.


Teach yourself a new language

Use Duolingo to learn a new language with over 30 languages to choose, from Chinese to Klingon.

Language Dictionaries

Bake themed cupcakes

Hoosier homemade have a variety of easy to follow themed cupcake recipes for you to try out.


Headspace app

Headspace is a free to download app for iPhone and Android, which has many routines and videos to help you with meditation and sleep exercises. Premium version also available.

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Educate yourself with TedEd

TedEd have a large video library of short, easy to watch education videos on many different subjects.

1 Second Everyday Video

Document your daily activities by recording a one second video of yourself everyday. Available on iPhone and Android.

Apps to help young people

Orcha have created a list of NHS approved apps which are safe for young people to use to help with their mental health and wellbeing.

Worrinots app

Let children off-load their worries with The Worrinots app in the comfort of their own home. Parents/carers Wotnot companion app available to monitor your child’s concerns.

Virtual Museum trips

Free virtual tours of world museums, educational sites and galleries for children.

Free Colouring Books

Collation of free colouring resources that are downloadable from 113 Museums.

Laughter Yoga

Robert Rivest combines interactive laughter exercises with deep centering breaths and calming movements.

Become a filmmaker

Sundance Collab offer a range of Master classes on a variety of filmmaking topics.

Take an online course

Universities have over 10,000 courses available to take online with many of them free

Learn about Empathy

The importance of Empathy.

Start a business

The Prince’s Trust has a range of resources available to young people to help them start their business.

Learn a new subject

BBC Bitesize has a large range of subjects you can learn in your own time, at your own pace, with subjects available for many age ranges.

Easy Gardening

Take a look at the 23 essential gardening diagrams in the article to improve your gardening skills.

Listen to bird song

Easily identify the bird song of 20 of the most common birds that can be found in your garden or your local park.

Get cooking on a budget

Visit the number 1 budget recipe site by Jack Monroe and cook up some treats while saving money on food.

Learn the Guitar

Fender are offering 3 months free lessons, so if you have a guitar lying around (and even if you don’t) spend some time learning the basics of the guitar.

Learn a Language

Rosetta Stone are offering 3 months free access for students, so you can learn a new language.

Keep a Covid-19 Diary

Be a part of history by jotting down all your thoughts and feelings about the current virus. Let future generations know what it was like to survive a global pandemic in 2020.

Join the Home Choir

If you love singing, why not join Gareth Malone and some fellow singers and attend the Great British Home Choir.

Create a Festival Line-up

Why not spend some time curating your own dream festival line-up. Create a playlist and share with your friends and family, or just enjoy dancing to it yourself!